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I have been training lots of sales teams on products that are newly launched or already on the market. I have met with real good sales people as well as regular ones. The only thing that was all same for any sales rep was the good results coming from the methodologies that I have applied at the beginning of the session. I will not go into the ways and methodologies I am using in this post but just wanted to share a lessons learned with you. (more…)

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Basics of Sales

It is important that we make contact with these key players to ensure that we know whether or not they will support our product/solution. We want to encourage them to contribute ideas to make our product/solution more valuable to their organization, gain their support, and build a positive relationship with them.


These are people who have budget responsibility for an area directly impacted by your product/solution, have financial expenditure authority for this size or type of purchase, or have the position or title designating such formal authority. They may be: 

Executives: senior managers who determine the business direction of the company by setting and directing the organizational agenda. (Strategy, Goals, & Objectives)  (more…)

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Which one is more important in sales? I think theory is useless unless you apply it. Plus a lot depends on personality, and what might be effective technique for one person may not work when implemented by any other. In sales, because there is a lot human interaction, sales people make their own theory by practicing.

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