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machine to machineI should say for a Telecom operator to be successful on M2M requires some serious efforts. A dedicated M2M team (technical, support, operations, agreements, sales in the ground and a strong management etc), different KPIs and goals for the M2M unit, much more flexibility and support from the top management.

Europe is not doing fine economically and people are spending less and less on Telecom services. For Telcos to keep growing, they should invest in new areas like M2M, Cloud and Media & Entertainment Services. However, the success will not come quick and margins are not as good as we got in typical Telecom services. I see that more and more Telcos in Europe are taking serious steps in M2M and leaving the Cloud to IT providers; making M2M a bet of Telcos and Cloud for IT playes.

Teleco industry needs a new push and new units might bring that extra jump for growth. M2M is an opportunity for Telcos and for sure requires a different approach and skills. My recommendation is, select your fight and go for it. But do not expect quick wins.

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What do you need to be a Cloud provider? You could be a Telco or an IT Reseller. Once you decided that you will provide Cloud services you need these capabilities.

1. A Cloud enabled data center

2. Platforms (app store, SSO, aggregation platform and so on…) to provide cloud

3. Monetize your services

4. Business development capabilities.

I think yet another important questions that you need to answer are;

1. What do we have internally today? (Because a lot of the things listed above can be outsourced as well)

2. Your ability to handle an ecosystem.

3. Your sales channels and capabilities

4. What will make you different? (Easy to do business with, price, quality, or what else…)

5. Applications and Infrastructure is commodity now, so you need to focus on business models and content instead.

Sit and think twice before you make any move towards Cloud. Make a good business case and take meaningful risks. Because the market is still emerging and Cloud is still “nice to have” not “must to have” at the moment.

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Yesterday at Kista sience tower, where is the sillicon valley of Sweden, we had a meeting with a vendor to discuss next generation switching, cloud, M2M and IMS. I think today’s network is quite lagacy and complex. IMS is coming but nothing big will happen in couple of years. Yet another interesting topic was  the interoperability of new network systems with the old, legacy ones up and running at the core today. Cloud and M2M are thightly related to each other and it is really up to a telco to position itself from connection only to solution provider in this journey. Do you have any experience on telco cloud services or IMS, what are your thinking around these topics?

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Mobile operators celebrate! Mobile phone becomes the main device and laptop/netbook – just a larger screen and keyboard!

Future of ICT is all about mobile and mobility. Most of high-end smart-phones -such as Motorola Atrix- will soon be able to work with a docking station that provides them with a large screen and keyboard. This means your smart phone will not be only a phone anymore. That device will be your main device to access your data, applications, connections and content. This puts mobile operators in the center of ICT. Since we can provide devices, connection and the content & applications future is bright for us.

But wait a second, how do you use your mobilephone nowadays? Just for calling, SMS or surfing? What else?

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Yesterday I got a phone call from one of my fellow student from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) regarding their project final presentation date. They are working on a project aiming on providing open source high definition video conference system. The presentation and exhibition date of their project are this 16th of October 2009 and next 19th of October 2009, and they sincerely welcome you to their presentation and exhibition.
Press Release.

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One day, when i was first meeting with the internet it was so difficult for me to remember where should i click and what to do then. I was a little child and no english knowledge. I was always asking to my dad; “dad, where should i click now, where to write my name and password?” It was a huge problem for my dad, to show me again and again and again where to click, what to do and so on.

Imagine that you can put notes on the pages you visited before and write there small notes, about where to click, what to do and some clues about the that specific web page. After 13-14 years later now I am a computer engineer and i decided to help people who faced this kind of problems before. We developed a new technology which enable you to put sticky notes to the web pages like you put notes to your wall or post its.

stix1Referring to the pictures in this post, you can see how easy ad fast to use it. Imagine that you are teaching using internet to to your children or a friend who is really not familiar to use internet. You can write notes about where they should click, where to write their user-names, passwords and then where should they click on.

stix2This was only a simple scenario. We can create more and more scenarios. Imagine that you are away from home and you found something interesting on a web page and wanna show it to your wife, husband, girlf-friend, boy-friend. Basically, you can write post to the wall of the web page by using our product and then he/she can visit the same page and see what you think about any specific product, video, picture and so on.

stix3We believe that this is a discontinuous innovation which will enable to use internet effectively. By using our product you can post notes, videos, musics and read and listen others’ notes. We will add so may other features soon but this is the best until we do the better.

Download Podcast 

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Last week, in Global Entrepreneurial Leadership course we made a small virtual team work assignment. We divided in to 4 teams and each team had 10-12 individual participants. The goal of the exercise was, building a bridge by the materials that we had been provided, on the second life and improving leadership and communicational skills through virtual teams. Here you can find my opinions about the session, exercise and Second Life. (more…)

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In ICT Entrepreneurship department we are reading lots of books. From my point of view; Crossing the Chasm is one of the best among them. As a small list i can give you the names of the books and i strongly suggest entrepreneurs to read all of them

1- Crossing the chasm (Geoffrey Moore)
2- Blue Ocean Strategy(W.Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne)
3- Made to Stick (Dan Heath & Chip Heath)
4- Inside the Tornado (Geoffrey A. Moore)
5- Good to Great (Jim Collins)
6- Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki)
7- Rules for Revolutionaries (Guy Kawasaki) (more…)

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For a start-up lack of resources is the biggest problem. Sometimes it can be money, network, customer or can be consultancy.The obvious reason for looking for a Business Angel is that, due to the high risk and uncertainty the early company phase conveys, usually no other than business angels are willing to invest. Further, the angel’s network of contacts is an important advantage. Also, the experienced board of directors can refine the company. They can help to companies in these aspects : (more…)

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At 6th of december, we had a presentation about the Sun Startup Essentials in KTH /Kista campus. Mostly students group from ICT Entrepreneurship were there and Alex Breton who is one of the best entrepreneur in Sweden.

It was a nice presentation and young Swedish entrepreneurs are eager to learn more about this program.

If you want to read the presentation you can download it from here: Sun Start-Up Essentials

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