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Layout 1Matthew E. May is the author of In Pursuit of Elegance: Why the Best Ideas Have Something Missing and the ChangeThis manifesto called Creative Elegance. He spent nearly a decade as a close adviser to Toyota and works with creative teams and senior leaders at a number of top Fortune companies.

1. Question: How do you define elegance?

Answer: Something is elegant if it is two things at once: unusually simple and surprisingly powerful. One without the other leaves you short of elegant. And sometimes the “unusual simplicity” isn’t about what’s there, it’s about what isn’t. At first glance, elegant things seem to be missing something.

2. Question: Why is elegance so important?

Answer: Elegance cuts through the noise, captures our attention, and engages us. The point of elegance is to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum input. It’s a thoughtful, artful subtractive process focused on doing more and better with less. That’s especially important during this economic crisis when everyone is trying to move forward while consuming fewer resources. (more…)

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I strongly suggest to entrepreneurs and start-ups to go to Istanbul/Turkey between 7–12 October 2008 to join CeBIT Information Affair. Uniquely positioned to address the region’s flourishing ICT market, CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia is the ideal platform from which to launch new products and services.The 2008 show will boast a total exhibition area of 27,000 square meters divided up into four main sections: Business World, Digital Life, Telecommunications and Home Electronics.


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For the last 2-3 weeks we had some sort of arguments and conflicts with my class mates at KTH/Stockholm about when and where to use NDAs. Some of them really believe that; if they have a business idea and plan to start-up on it, before talking to a business angel or a venture capital they should sign the NDA. But some others including me, believe that signing a NDA is not really the best way to protect your idea, furthermore it is not that legal to use it in court.

Last week while i was talking with a venture capitalist in Stockholm, i asked the same question to him and he said; “i never sign that kind of papers, you should trust me. What ever you do, i probably have more lawyers then you do.” Another example about this was a professor from KTH who worked for Stanford Univ. in USA and have been very close to silicon valley, she also said the same; “no one sign that kind of papers in silicon valley”.

All in all; i also believe that signing a NDA means nothing and moreover, ideas are just the 3-5% of the whole business, i can find you 10s of ideas everyday but the most important and the difficult part if execution not the idea.

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For a start up there are a lot to learn. But one of the most important one is understanding why they are exist ? To make money, to make meaning ? I believe, you are nothing more than your customers.

If you think you are starting up for the money. Of course you surely are – you have to survive. But thinking about a business strictly in terms of revenue, profit and cost is a sure recipe for disaster. Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, wrote: “the purpose of business is to create a customer.” Your business is nothing more than your relationship with your customer. Do you educate him about your service? Do you treat him more like a client (under your protection), than you do a wallet full of cash? Do you consistently provide your target audience with outstanding service and products? Most importantly, do you continually strive to know who he /she is? Your number one goal is not to make money; it’s to create and keep a customer. In fact, all great businesses start from this side of the fence.

All in all, if you start up to make meaning for your customers’ life, then of course you will make money.

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For a start-up lack of resources is the biggest problem. Sometimes it can be money, network, customer or can be consultancy.The obvious reason for looking for a Business Angel is that, due to the high risk and uncertainty the early company phase conveys, usually no other than business angels are willing to invest. Further, the angel’s network of contacts is an important advantage. Also, the experienced board of directors can refine the company. They can help to companies in these aspects : (more…)

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Creating a desirable product is disconnected from trying to monetize. In consumer products there’s a great deal of pressure to distort your vision by squeezing monetization into it. We’d rather focus on evolving our product. It’s also just more fun

Like garage bands that want to hone their chops and grow a fan base before taking on any paying gigs, more Web 2.0 startups like Crusher are electing to put off pursuing revenue streams until they get their act and their audience together. Microsoft’s and Disney’s recently announced intentions to buy dozens of startups apiece validated many of these entrepreneurs’ implicit exit strategies: Work hard for a couple years, then sell out to a big company. (more…)

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