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4gI would like to share few things around LTE development in Sweden. First of all 4G has been adopted much faster than 3G. Remember that for the first years after introducing 3G, in most markets, there was hardly any data usage. Contrary to that, just like two years after the launch of LTE in Sweden, we are at the data usage level we were at with 3G at 10 years post-launch. I can clearly say we have already skipped the pre-maturity phase entirely.


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I won the idea generation competition at Hej Världen event by my “Virtual Sales Representatives” project. The topic of the event was “Virtual Reality” and its effects to our daily life and future. I think the virtual reality is something that we try to understand all together and make some assumptions. When ever i talk about Second Life or any other virtual worlds, i can not create very innovative ideas. I guess, it is because we don not know a lot about the topic yet. You can find the project proposal here and i hope, i will have a chance to work in a project about virtual worlds (more…)

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