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ImageI was reading my emails after a long summer vacation at my office on Tuesday and just realized a pfd attachment; Ericsson goes into data center business to be a stronger ICT player. I think this is a smart move since a lot of Telecom companies are nowadays looking into providing some IT services as well. Being a close partner to Telco players, Ericsson needed to evolve as well and they did it. Ericsson’s Data Center Build and Data Center optimization offering will meet increased demand for cloud-based services as enterprises seek to become increasingly mobile. With this offering, Ericsson enters the market for data centers and strengthens its position as an ICT player.

I liked this news and found it a very important and strategic move. I think the future is bright for evolving and developing companies such as Ericsson.


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Last week was “China Week” at KTH and in order to celebrate it, students organized lots of different activities. There were many different kinds of public lectures, career days, parties, dinners and business case competition about the Ericsson’s business strategy in China. Ericsson has two biggest competitors in China, which are Huawei and ZTE

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