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One day, when i was first meeting with the internet it was so difficult for me to remember where should i click and what to do then. I was a little child and no english knowledge. I was always asking to my dad; “dad, where should i click now, where to write my name and password?” It was a huge problem for my dad, to show me again and again and again where to click, what to do and so on.

Imagine that you can put notes on the pages you visited before and write there small notes, about where to click, what to do and some clues about the that specific web page. After 13-14 years later now I am a computer engineer and i decided to help people who faced this kind of problems before. We developed a new technology which enable you to put sticky notes to the web pages like you put notes to your wall or post its.

stix1Referring to the pictures in this post, you can see how easy ad fast to use it. Imagine that you are teaching using internet to to your children or a friend who is really not familiar to use internet. You can write notes about where they should click, where to write their user-names, passwords and then where should they click on.

stix2This was only a simple scenario. We can create more and more scenarios. Imagine that you are away from home and you found something interesting on a web page and wanna show it to your wife, husband, girlf-friend, boy-friend. Basically, you can write post to the wall of the web page by using our product and then he/she can visit the same page and see what you think about any specific product, video, picture and so on.

stix3We believe that this is a discontinuous innovation which will enable to use internet effectively. By using our product you can post notes, videos, musics and read and listen others’ notes. We will add so may other features soon but this is the best until we do the better.

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