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shutterstock_60766669M2M and IoT is emerging with a higher speed than expected. The ecosystem is becoming mature and the players know where to position themselves. As the ecosystem converges with Cloud and big data, businesses need to get ready to address the new wave of connected devices and the intelligence they carry. I do not believe in the story of collecting all intelligence in the center, via the data delivered by edge devices. Because the agility, durability and security of the edge devices will directly impact the results of the total intelligence.

Agility in my term defines the ability of a connected device to adapt different applications. This requires running a flexible software environment that caters for different application requirements. (more…)


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scja_certificateI am a Sun Certified Java associate and would like to share my knowledge and recommendations with you. I think the exam is really evaluating your IT and Java knowledge. The Sun Certified Associate (SCJA) for the Java Platform, Standard Edition, Exam Version 1.0 certification exam provides an ideal entry into an application development or a software project management career using Java technologies.

Since I am a computer engineer and has several years programming experience, becoming a SCJA will be beneficial for me in the future. I think, Sun Microsystems’ certificate exams are really prestigious in the market and help professionals to find better positions.

Lets come to my recommendations:
1- Write codes as much as possible by using NetBeans IDE (personal recommendation).
2- Study through Sun SAI (online learning services)
3- Solve lots of mock up exams and questions (You can find examples from links below)

For more information please check my SCJA Tips page

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After I used NetBeans 6.1 IDE, I realized that while opening the IDE it is much more faster than other versions. I guess it has been improved almost %40-%50 and now it is opening time is very fast. Since I did some programing sometimes, this is really good for me. In addition to this I realized that code completion function is much more better than other versions. I also realized that memory usage is better than other versions and it does not make your computer slower. Another cool feature is support for Javascript, MySQL, Ruby/JRuby and Spring is very good and has been improved.

For me the best thing is NetBenas 6.1 IDE is opening very fast, and it was the most exciting thing for me. I really suggest you to download the NetBeans 6.1 and use it, I am pretty sure that you will like it.

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