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For a start up there are a lot to learn. But one of the most important one is understanding why they are exist ? To make money, to make meaning ? I believe, you are nothing more than your customers.

If you think you are starting up for the money. Of course you surely are – you have to survive. But thinking about a business strictly in terms of revenue, profit and cost is a sure recipe for disaster. Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, wrote: “the purpose of business is to create a customer.” Your business is nothing more than your relationship with your customer. Do you educate him about your service? Do you treat him more like a client (under your protection), than you do a wallet full of cash? Do you consistently provide your target audience with outstanding service and products? Most importantly, do you continually strive to know who he /she is? Your number one goal is not to make money; it’s to create and keep a customer. In fact, all great businesses start from this side of the fence.

All in all, if you start up to make meaning for your customers’ life, then of course you will make money.


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