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Cloud computing is the hottest topic to talk about these days between IT people. Some really flatter the words while at the same time some others are a bit gun shy to talk about it. Cloud computing has been seen as a “golden bullet” to use/manage IT. Will it really help IT to be the “GPS of Business”. Are we really there now? As a young IT professional, I decided to give it a try to explain what I personally believe.

I would like to divide the phase into three main group as; Virtualization, Private Clouds (Internal Clouds), Public Clouds. It all started by virtualization of x86 machines. In today’s distributed environments, where up to 85 percent of computing capacity sits idle, there is a tremendous amount of waste, waste that companies no longer can afford. Maintaining current IT infrastructure sucks up about 70 percent of today’s IT budgets while new solutions and capabilities go begging. So, there was a big utilization problem and virtualization solved it successfully. Now, it is a main stream approach and has been already applied by a big portion of the enterprises. The ability to consolidate large server farms and better utilize hardware is a proven route to significant cost savings, and may also assist with corporate green initiatives in reducing CO2 emissions.



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