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Yesterday I got a phone call from one of my fellow student from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) regarding their project final presentation date. They are working on a project aiming on providing open source high definition video conference system. The presentation and exhibition date of their project are this 16th of October 2009 and next 19th of October 2009, and they sincerely welcome you to their presentation and exhibition.
Press Release.

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I am still a master student at KTH, Stockholm and will be graduated with in 3 or 4 months. Some people wanted me to share my intention letter, which I used while appliying for a master’s program at The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. I believe intention letter is the most important thing when you apply for a master or PDH program. Because it basically shows your interest and willingness to study on that particular topic.

 Here you can find my intention letter.

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alper_celikIn the 1990s the computing industry shifted from expensive proprietary systems to open systems based on standard, low-cost hardware. This move changed a 20-year pattern of IT buying and deployment models. Some of the biggest IT buyers, like universities and research centers, also started to look for better, flexible and cheaper IT solutions.


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