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microsoft_sapI have written my master thesis about SAP systems integration at one of the biggest energy companies in Europe. The company is called Vattenfall and owned by Swedish government. Since the size of the company is large, so that the data size which will be transferred within and outside of the company is also large. Thats why systems integration plays a very crucial role in Vattenfall’s IT concerns. The company is very much SAP centric and the SAP systems are increasing in number and size. This increasing trend intensifies the need for SAP systems integration and an integration platform, which is the most plug and play integration engine for SAP systems, could be of benefit. That’s why I made a qualitative study to evaluate SAP NetWeaver PI to help Vattenfall Nordic to decide whether it can be used as main integration platform at Vattenfall Nordic instead of BizTalk.

SAP PI is coming! I think the product will be used more commonly once SAP solves the core problems. For example SAP PI is a dual stack product and complex to configure, use and manage. The product is very much based on hub and spoke, centralized architecture. But I think it must be (will be) 100% java based, distributed product. Also SAP NetWeaver BPM and PI are emerging more and more. These are all good things for the future of the product. As I mentioned before, PI is coming and will be used commonly in SAP depended companies!

I do not want to write all of my finding again but, you can download my master thesis from here: SAP Systems Integration Master Thesis Final Report. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I know that it is really difficult to calculate the TCO before using an integration platform. But still we can make some calculations based on the price strategy given from SAP and Microsoft.

Licenses fees are varying from vendor to vendor. For example, pricing of BizTalk Server is done by an Enterprise Agreement (EA). An EA typically runs for 3 years, and when you buy products in an EA, you also buy Software Assurance (SA), a yearly fee that amongst other secure access to all new versions of the product that are released during the agreement period. There are also a lot of other benefits included in SA, like support incidents and vouchers for training. Typically the yearly SA cost is 25% of the license price (L). (more…)

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I am working on a project about systems integration and I needed to evaluate two vendors, Microsoft and SAP, within a market.  SOA (service oriented architecture) continue to catalyze interest in IT market. But, development of SOA applications requires a new style of development environment that extends beyond design-time and into runtime usage. Products built on such technology are emerging as key foundation. I think in the market, there are two powerful SOA middle-ware products available now, which are MS BizTalk and SAP PI (then I think the IBM comes). I need to make a selection between two products and to do this; I use several methods and tools to evaluate the vendor and product. One of the methods that I use is called Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. (more…)

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