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I have been involved in some Storage projects at HP these days and started to get my foots wet. I can not say I am a real professional on storage virtualization yet, but slowly surely I am emerging. Since I like to share my knowledge, I decided to write this blog post about storage virtualization.

Storage today is typically 10-15 percent of a typical IT budget, but it is only purchasing costs included. To sum it, we need to add personnel costs of operating, support and maintenance and the electricity and cooling costs as well. It obviously varies between different companies, but it is estimated amount of purchases of hardware and software and service on this for about 20-50 percent of the total cost. While the data center power and cooling account for 10-20 percent. Operation and management costs is therefore of 30-50 percent. So, the biggest area to save money is management and administaration areas, where many repetitive data should be automated (Storage Deduplication). Review your processes! Being able to free up staff for other tasks of course leads to cost savings. (more…)

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The traditional business model for acquiring storage capacity is challenged by today’s business realities. Utility Ready Storage solution is designed for organizations that require greater flexibility in IT resources because of variable and uncertain business demands and that want IT costs to reflect the business value delivered. Utility Ready Storage integrates products and services, to deliver IT resources when they are needed, where they are needed, with payment based on usage. As an example Storage as a Service options are quite suitabe for non-critical data.

One of the biggest providers of this type of services is HP. The HP Utility Ready Storage program is a utility pricing solution that allows you to select the storage configuration and software appropriate for you and pay monthly based on the amount of storage capacity configured for use. HP utility ready storage helps you to cut costs and free up your resource for innovation and savings.  In addition to these benefits, by using HP’s Utility Ready Storage offerings one can start up a company to sell Storage as a Service (STaaS). (more…)

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